Employment Opportunities

Employment Opportunities

employ2Job: Sales Representative
Tennessee – Knoxville and surrounding counties

Job: Sales Representative
Location: Tennessee – Tri-Cities area including Greeneville and SW Virginia

Our Philosophy

At Tennessee Office Supply, we are always seeking honest, talented and experienced sales reps in the office furniture, office supply, or janitorial industry. We believe that our way of doing business separates ourselves from our competitors. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We do not believe in non-compete agreements and will never ask our employees to sign one. Any employee is free to leave our company at any time without restrictions. We do not need a non-compete contract to trap, force, or obligate our employees to work for us. We would rather our employees enjoy their jobs and want to come to work on their own will, rather than because a contract tells them they have to do so.
  2. Our commission structure is more competitive than any other competitor of which we are aware. Once again, without a non-compete agreement, one of the reasons our employees want to stay with us because they are paid a better wage. Special considerations and bonuses are made for those who begin working with us.
  3. Tennessee Office Supply offers a complete scope of products, from office supplies, office furniture and design, and janitorial and break room products. Using the same wholesalers that the superstores use, we are able to provide a complete product offering as a “grocery store for business.”
  4. We strive to keep our overhead low so that our prices are more competitive and our wages are higher than our competitors. We have no issues competing with the major superstores or online “giants.”
  5. We like to think of ourselves as “forward thinkers.” Sales people often times bring great ideas that in many companies are just turned down because of a lack of initiative. We encourage great ideas from sales people in our company.
  6. From our online ordering to our phone app, we offer the most simple, personal, and advanced technology.
  7. Contact Jim Jordan today for more information: jim.jordan@tnofficesupply.com or call 423-677-9257.